Nail Care

Please be advised that we are unable to remove dip or acrylic for manicures or pedicures. We ask that you get these removed prior to any nail appointments at the spa. If you have gel or shellac on your nails and are coming in for a Beach House Signature or Platinum Manicure and/or Pedicure, an extra 15 minutes will be required for soak-off time. We charge $10 to remove gel or shellac. A gel manicure has the time to soak off included, and there is no additional cost to remove your existing gel polish. We do not offer gel pedicures.


Manicures and Pedicures


Signature Beach House Manicure
45 minutes $40

Nails are shaped, cuticles are cleaned, and a pampering massage of your hands and arms follows. An aromatic steaming towel imparts relaxation while natural lotions soften your skin. Our long-lasting polish gives the finishing touch.

Gel Manicure
60 minutes $50

​Our Signature Gel Manicure starts off with a gentle gel soak off. Nails and cuticles are then shaped and cleaned, followed by a pampering massage of your arms and hands. Your choice of one of our many, long-lasting, gel colors will give the finishing touch. A Gel Manicure provides 12+ days of high-performance wear, requires no dry time and creates a stunning, high-pigment shine!

Platinum Manicure
45 minutes $50

​Excuse us, but are you a hand model? That’s what everyone will be asking after adding this self-warming and softening hand mask to your manicure. Enjoy all the treatments included in our Signature Manicure as well as Patchology’s Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand and Cuticle Mask. Using the same insulation technology as space blankets, this mask locks in your natural body heat to allow the coconut-infused formula inside to better penetrate the skin. Ten minutes later, chapped hands are rejuvenated, cuticles are softened, and you’re that much more relaxed.

No-Polish Manicure
30 minutes $35

All the luxurious treatments included in our Signature Manicure service, sans polish.


Signature Beach House Pedicure
60 minutes $65

​Nails are shaped, cuticles are cleaned, and a pampering massage of your legs and feet follows. Coconut scrub is applied to exfoliate dry skin. An aromatic steaming towel imparts relaxation while natural lotions soften your skin. An exquisite polishing gives the finishing touch.

Platinum Pedicure
60 minutes $75

​Your feet bear the brunt of your go-go-go life, so why give them the silent treatment? Enjoy all the treatments included in our Signature Pedicure as well as Patchology’s Best Foot Forward Softening Heel and Foot Mask.  Think of your favorite pair of cozy socks, coated with nourishing shea butter and moisture-locking coconut oil inside. Lined with layers and layers of nourishing and calming ingredients, your feet will feel baby-soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Mini Pedicure
45 minutes $55

​Everything included in our Beach House Signature Pedicure minus the scrub and callus removal. Think of it as a “manicure for your toes.”

No-Polish Pedicure
45 minutes $60

Includes filing, cuticle trimming, and a natural nail buff. The service concludes with a relaxing massage of the calves and feet, leaving you feeling refreshed and incredibly well-groomed.

Manicure & Pedicure Add-Ons

Honey Heel Glaze

​Leaves feet feeling unbelievable! Wildflower honey-based serum seals in moisture and brings back rich color to tired feet.

Anti-Aging Moon Dip

​Anti-Aging Moon Dip is massaged into hands and arms to instantly reduce the signs of aging. This youthful hand cream contains peptides that visibly firm the look of skin over time, and smooth out dull, uneven textures. And the scent? A heavenly, light, milky-oat.