Beach House Day Spa Parking

Beach House Day Spa parking information

Beach House Day Spa is located within Birmingham Place in downtown Birmingham, Michigan. Complimentary parking and valet are available for all of our Beach House Day Spa guests within the Birmingham Place parking structure.

There are two vehicle entrances for Birmingham Place. One is north of the spa on Woodward (just south of Jax Kar Wash), the second entrance is off Old Woodward (just north of Hazel Street).

There are two convenient entrances to Beach House Day Spa. Our front door is on Woodward Avenue, and our back door is accessible from the Birmingham Place parking structure.

Guests can park in any available space that is not marked reserved within the Birmingham Place parking structure.

For valet, please park in any available spot on the south wall marked 30-Minute Valet. If the attendant is not available, leave keys in the black box attached to the valet kiosk. The valet kiosk is near the Old Woodward entrance. We will call valet when you check out to bring your car up.

Additionally, free, 30-minute city parking is available in front of the spa on Woodward Avenue. These spots may be used when purchasing gift certificate, picking up products or for short appointments.