Swedish Massage
60 minutes $110 | 90 minutes $155

Like waves washing rhythmically upon the shore, a light touch soothes your entire body into a state of complete tranquility. This massage type focuses on muscle relaxation by targeting the superficial muscles rather than the deep connective tissues.

Therapeutic Massage
30 minutes $75 | 60 minutes $120 | 90 minutes $165

Reminiscent to the pulling of the surf, medium-pressure manipulation will replace stress and tension stored in the muscles with renewed energy and peace.

Deep Tissue Massage
30 minutes $85 | 60 minutes $135 | 90 minutes $180

Conjuring the strength and depth of the mighty ocean, this type of firm pressure massage targets chronic tension in the muscles that lie far below the body’s surface.

Prenatal Massage
30 minutes $80 | 60 minutes $125 | 90 minutes $170

This gentle, therapeutic massage relieves the discomforts that are unique to pregnant people. This service will bring about ultimate relaxation, and in turn, peace to your little one.

Doctor’s note required for 90-minute Prenatal Massage.

Anti-Aging Massage
60 minutes $155

Indulge yourself in a full-body, Swedish massage with an ageless body mousse application that will instantly firm, restore, and quench the skin. Vitamin-rich oils, retinol, and peptides work in harmony to visibly reduce the signs of aging. Infused with Quinsberry body oil, this service smells divine and will leave you with a youthful glow.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
60 minutes $130 | 90 minutes $175

This gentle, rhythmic massage encourages the optimal flow of lymph in the body. Our specially trained massage therapists will manipulate the flow of lymph using repetitive, sweeping strokes, and pumping rhythms. This type of massage aids in the removal of toxins, reduces swelling, and can improve immune system function.

Paperwork is required. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.


Lymphatic with Body Contouring Consultation

30 minutes $110 | 60 minutes $160 | 90 minutes $205
Before using our Advanced Body Contouring service to melt away fat, reduce fascia build up, and tighten skin that is released into the body’s lymphatic system, we make sure your lymphatic system is creating accurate movement and change in the body to give you the ultimate noninvasive body contouring results. This involves a thorough consultation and observation on the specific area desired to be worked.

Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage

30 minutes $90 | 60 minutes $150

To be performed 1 week to 6 weeks post-surgery. After surgical procedures, it is common for lymphatic fluid to build up, exacerbating swelling and pain. Post-op lymphatic involves light, strategic techniques that are performed after a cosmetic procedure to reduce swelling, treat seromas, prevent fibrosis (scar tissue formation) and remove metabolic waste and toxins that are stored in the tissues.

*Doctor approval requested.

Hot Stone Massage
30 minutes $85 | 60 minutes $140 | 90 minutes $185

Discover the calming sensation of hot river rocks gliding over your entire body. Smooth, warmed stones allow the massage therapist to work deeper and deliver healing heat into every muscle fiber, quite literally melting away tension.

Cupping Therapy
60 minutes $135 | 90 minutes $185 | add-on $30

An ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy alleviates sore muscles and improves circulation, leaving you re-energized and balanced. Special suction cups are placed on the affected areas, causing the tissue beneath to be drawn up and swell, resulting in increased blood flow. In turn, this draws out impurities and toxins that were stored within the muscle and brings them to the surface for elimination.

Paperwork is required. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

30 minutes $65

An ancient healing practice, Reflexology uses a form of zone therapy. Unique finger, thumb, and hand massage techniques are performed to target areas on the feet that correlate with specific organ functions. This relaxing experience rids the body of dysfunction caused by stress and will leave you feeling revitalized.

30 minutes $85 | 60 minutes $135

Differing from traditional body massage, Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for energetic balancing. Reiki practitioners channel energy through gentle touch to activate the body’s natural healing process. This specialized massage lulls you into a meditative state and is aimed at restoring physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

CBD Massage
30 minutes $90 |60 minutes $145 | 90 minutes $185

Indulge in the oil that has taken the spa industry by storm! Organic, full-spectrum CBD oil helps reduce inflammation, lessen acute and chronic pain, alleviate stress, and even promote healthier skin. Using gentle to medium pressure, our massage therapists will wrap your body in this herbal oil while you drift off into tranquility.

Raindrop Therapy
45 minutes $90 | 90 Minutes with massage $185

Raindrop Therapy marries the art of aromatherapy with the specialized technique of Vita Flex massage. This sublime combination provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony back to the body. Therapeutic grade essential oils are gently massaged into specific energy zones on the feet and back.

Massage Add-Ons


​Choose from 5 healing scents: peppermint for an invigorating sensation, lavender for pure relaxation, wild orange for an uplifting experience, or eucalyptus for ultimate refreshment.

Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment
15 minutes $30

​A warm, luxurious oil formulated with Ayurveda’s most powerful herbs for promoting healthy hair is gently massaged into the scalp.

Hot Stones

​Smooth, hot river rocks are placed along the spine and then used to ease deep into the muscle layer and erase tension held in the body. This creates increased circulation to the tissues and ultimate relaxation for you.

Moon Dip Anti-Aging Décolleté Treatment

Anti-Aging Moon Dip is massaged onto the sensitive neck and chest area to instantly reduce the signs of aging. This youthful cream contains peptides that visibly firm the look of skin over time, and smooth out dull, uneven textures. Give this too often overlooked area a little extra love by adding on this service.

Moon Dip Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Anti-Aging Moon Dip is massaged into hands and arms to instantly reduce the signs of aging. This youthful hand cream contains peptides that visibly firm the look of skin over time, and smooth out dull, uneven textures. And the scent? A heavenly, light, milky-oat.

Scalp Massage
15 minutes $30

Pressure points are targeted to help relieve pain associated with headaches, TMJ dysfunction, sinus pressure, and stress.

Warming Sugar Scrub Treatment
Back $30 | Feet $30

This refreshing, exfoliating treatment is the perfect solution for revitalizing dull, dry skin. As this lavender sugar scrub is applied, it transforms into a conditioning serum that melts away, leaving behind softer, brighter, more hydrated skin.


Smart cupping with red light therapy applied to specific areas. Benefits include:

Increases circulation
Healthier nerves
Knot and pain relief
Recovery enhancer
Reduces cellulite