Sunlighten Triple Infrared Eucalyptus Sauna


15 min ~ $10 

30 minutes ~ $20 

45 minutes ~ $30 


The worlds first and only android-powered line of smart dry infrared saunas to offer near, mid, and far infrared technology, customizable to safely and effectively target your health needs. Choose from one of six predesigned programs. Great for relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, anti-aging, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, cardio, and much more! The first sauna to include an LCD screen so you can control the music, watch a show, or stay connected.  

Package Pricing: 

15 min packages
Package of 6 ~ $51
Package of 9 ~ $72

30 minute packages
Package of 6 ~ $102 

Package of 9 ~ $144

45 minute packages
Package of 6 ~ $153 
Package of 9 ~ $216 


Sauna Add Ons
Himalayan Detox Foot Tray ~ $10


The tray stimulates increased sweating – the body’s natural way of releasing a lot of harmful toxins – from feet. Enhances purification and cleansing as toxins are released from the body and the Himalayan salt’s 84 naturally occurring minerals are absorbed. A good sweat can reduce pain, clear up skin, rid the body of pollutants and lead to an overall better mood. The tray also adds a more calm and relaxing experience in the sauna.

Beach House Sauna

Enjoy the benefits of our infrared eucalyptus sauna.  Adjust the sauna temperature to help sooth pain and inflammation, detox, or promote weight loss. Customize your sauna experience with music or watch a show on the LCD screen.