Patchology’s Perfect Ten at Beach House Day Spa

In our daily life, we often overlook the care of our hands, which bear the brunt of everyday tasks. Fear not, because at Beach House Day Spa in Birmingham, Michigan, we’re thrilled to offer Patchology’s Perfect Ten – a hand mask designed to deliver the intensive care your hands truly deserve (and need during our dry Michigan winters).

The Perfect Ten by Patchology is a remarkable hand rejuvenating treatment that takes only ten magical minutes to restore your hands to their soft, youthful glory. Infused with powerful exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients, it is the perfect antidote to dull, dry, and rough hands.

Enclosed in each Perfect Ten box, you’ll find self-warming hand masks loaded with the goodness of macadamia oil, shea butter, and rosehip oil. As the masks gradually warm up, these powerful emollients penetrate deep into the skin, intensively moisturizing and nourishing your hands.

But that’s not all! The Perfect Ten also includes a potent mix of lactic and glycolic acid, renowned for their exfoliating properties. These ingredients gently peel away the dry, rough outer layers, unveiling the soft, smooth, and radiant skin underneath.

And the experience doesn’t stop with rejuvenation. The infusion of calming ingredients like coconut and peppermint oil imparts a relaxing and soothing effect, making your Perfect Ten treatment feel like a spa retreat in the comfort of your own home.

At Beach House Day Spa, we’re dedicated to providing products that offer holistic beauty and wellness. Patchology’s Perfect Ten aligns seamlessly with this commitment.

Schedule a manicure at Beach House Day Spa, then take home Patchology Perfect Ten to maintain your hands’ flawless appearance.