Brand Spotlight: FarmHouse Fresh

At Beach House Day Spa, we are crazy for FarmHouse Fresh products.  From face masks to body polishes, the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients combined with the premium quality of its products makes it top of our list when it comes to must-have self-care spa items.

FarmHouse Fresh was founded in 2005 by Shannon McLinden, a passionate entrepreneur with a vision to create a line of skincare products inspired by the bounty of nature. Shannon’s childhood memories of her grandmother’s farmhouse, where she learned about the healing power of fresh ingredients, served as the foundation for the brand’s philosophy.

At the heart of FarmHouse Fresh is a commitment to using natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. The brand carefully selects botanicals, fruits, and herbs from organic farms across the United States. These ingredients are harvested at their peak potency to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy.

FarmHouse Fresh embodies the farm-to-skin approach, delivering the goodness of nature directly to your skincare routine. The brand values the integrity of the ingredients and believes that the fresher the ingredients, the more potent the benefits for the skin.

Shop a selection of FarmHouse Fresh products next time you visit Beach House Day Spa, or add on a Honey Heel Glaze next time you schedule a pedicure!