Lash Lift at Beach House Day Spa

A lash lift at Beach House Day Spa is a semi-permanent beauty procedure that enhances the look of your natural eyelashes through several steps:


The lash lift expert at Beach House will begin by thoroughly cleaning your eyelashes and the surrounding area to remove any traces of makeup.

Shield Placement

A silicone shield or mold is placed onto your eyelids. The size of the shield depends on the desired lift and the length of your natural lashes. It helps in shaping the curl.

Glue Application

Your lashes are brushed back to stick onto the silicone shield. A water-soluble, gentle glue is used for this purpose.

Lash Lifting Solution Application

The technician applies a lifting solution to your lashes. The solution softens the hair cuticle, making your lashes malleable. You have to keep your eyes closed during this part of the process, and it’s left on for several minutes.

Setting Solution Application

After removing the lash lift solution, the technician applies a setting solution. This hardens the lashes, fixing them into the new shape. This is also left on for several minutes.

Optional Tinting

If you’ve requested it, the lash lift technician will now apply a tint to your lashes. This can enhance the color of your lashes, making them look darker and more pronounced without the need for mascara.


Finally, the technician will remove the shield, clean your lashes, and brush them into their lifted shape.

A lash lift typically lasts around six weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle. The procedure is generally considered safe, but as with all beauty treatments, there’s always a small risk of an allergic reaction or irritation, so it’s important to discuss any sensitivities with the experts at Beach House Day Spa before beginning the process.

Book your lash lift appointment at Beach House Day Spa in downtown Birmingham, Michigan, to get the lashes you’ve always dreamed of.