Look Tan Without Sun Damage

While we love to look tan and bronzed, we don’t love the dangerous effects of sitting in the sun all day to get that sun-kissed glow. Prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun have been proven to increase your risk of skin cancer and damage to your skin. However, it’s still possible to achieve your perfect tan this summer. Self-tanning with Sol Potion products is a great alternative for a quick and easy glow, sans sun.

We especially love Sol Potion products as they are derived from natural and vegan ingredients. That means you can rest easy knowing that you’re using safe and effective products. If you’re unsure which Sol Potion product is right for you, ask anyone at the front desk for help.

Ritual Extending Lotion

Ritual Extending Lotion tightens, tones and tans all at the same time. A blend of hyaluronic acid and skin firming extracts combined with DHA help to boost circulation and smooth skin and cellulite all while giving a caramel-bronzed glow. Use daily to extend the life of a sunless tan or as a self-tanner.

Tanning H2O

Tan, hydrate, and nourish your skin with Sol Potion’s vitamin-infused, streak-free tanning water. A combination of hyaluronic acid and hydrating extracts are designed to detoxify, moisturize, calm, and promote cell regeneration – all while giving you a natural-looking, bronzed glow with no streaks, smells, or orange tones.

Self-Tanning Mousse

This streak-free, tinted formula gives you the perfect tan – every time. The convenient foaming pump allows you to create a flawless sunless tan wherever you are.

Smooth Daily Replenishing Lotion

Smooth Daily Replenishing Lotion gives thirsty skin relief. A combination of hyaluronic acid, avocado, jojoba, coconut oil, and a powerful vitamin complex is designed to nourish the skin with intense hydration. This lotion also helps to repair damaged skin cells for ultra-soft results.

Are you ready for a golden, sun-kissed look for summer without sun damage or harmful chemicals? Stop by Beach House Day Spa to pick up your Sol Potion products or schedule a sunless tanning appointment with one of our skilled staff!