Product of the Month: Winter Nail Care

Brittle nails? Cracked cuticles? Dry, chapped hands and feet? Winter weather can wreak havoc on hands, feet and nails. Luckily, we have products that will keep them hydrated, moisturized and protected from the frigid Michigan weather. Enjoy 10% off select winter nail care products through December 31st.

CND Rescue RX: A highly effective, new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. Use daily to reduce nail peeling and the appearance of white spots.

CND Cuticle Eraser: This cream micro-exfoliates cuticles with a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that effectively moisturize and help to reduce hangnails.

CND RidgeFX: This nail surface enhancer and ridge filler perfects the appearance of your natural nails. It effectively smoothes ridges and masks imperfections for a beautiful color application and chip-resistant wear.

Dazzle Dry Top Coat: This quick-drying, non-yellowing top coat provides a high-gloss shine and protection against abrasions.

GEWHOL Salve for Cracked Skin: This ointment is perfect for severe hard, cracked, dry and rough skin. It effectively protects the skin and allows it to regain its natural elasticity and resilience.

GEWHOL Nail Softener: Make hard nails more flexible and help prevent them from growing inward. This emollient softens hard skin beneath the nail and the nail fold so that it can be easily removed without pain. Chamomile extract helps to reduce the redness and discomfort associated with ingrown nails.

GEWHOL Protective Nail & Skin Oil: This rich treatment for brittle nails helps to create a naturally silky shine. It strengthens skin around the nails affected by fungal infections while helping to improve the appearance of dry and brittle nails.

Gerlasan Hand Cream by GEWHOL: This heavy-duty hand cream is formulated with a combination of high-quality ingredients which work together to protect and care for worn-out hands. Antimicrobial active substances protect your skin from infections, and the anti-inflammatory ingredients promote healing.

Patchology’s Best Foot Forward Softening Heel and Foot Mask: Your feet bear the brunt of your go-go-go life, so why give them the silent treatment? Best Foot Forward gives them all the pampering they deserve. Think of your favorite pair of cozy socks, except coated with nourishing shea butter and moisture-locking coconut oil inside. Slip them on, kick back for 10 minutes and get ready for velvety-soft, silky feet! Kick dry, tired feet to the curb with these little (but so effective!) insulated booties.

Patchology’s Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand and Cuticle Mask: We put our hands through the wringer, so it’s only right that we start treating them with a little R&R! Patchology’s self-warming, moisturizing hand mask uses the same insulation as space blankets to lock in natural body heat. Skin is penetrated with the coconut-infused formula to penetrate skin for ultimate moisture.