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What is Reiki?

Heard about Reiki but still unsure of what it is? Our BH practitioner, Brittany, is providing an explanation in this week's beauty + wellness Q&A.

Question: What is Reiki?

Answer: Reiki is energy work based on the idea that positive energy from one being (Brittany) can heal blockages in another person (you). How? We're electrical beings. For example, we can stick our fingers in a light socket and touch another person and the current will travel from one person to the other. Therefore, energetic beings can transfer energy simply by touching them.

For the Reiki session, you can be clothed or unclothed (up to you). This service balanced chakras and clears energetic blockages in the body; it is not a massage.

Cleanse your energy by booking a Reiki session here.

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