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How to Get the Perfect Sunless Spray Tan

The weather is warming up, which means you will soon be wearing shorts, skirts and pretty summer dresses! Give your skin a sun-kissed glow without the damaging effects of tanning. Most of us know that tanning via sun or (gasp!) tanning bed isn’t good for us. But in addition to exposure to UVA and UVB rays (which can cause skin cancer), UVA actually breaks down natural collagen in the skin, which can lead to premature aging. Collagen is the support structure of the skin, and without it, skin begins to thin, wrinkle and weaken.

Sunless tanning is great to keep your skin safe and supple. However, not all sunless tanning products are high-quality, and some can even result in uneven or unnatural looking color. At Beach House Day Spa, we create a customized sunless tan just for you - for every skin tone!

Our sunless tanning service uses Sol Potion products, made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients including organic DHA, FDA certified bronzers, Vitamins A, C and E, green and white tea extracts and aloe. This means in addition to a bronzy glow, your skin will feel ultra moisturized and hydrated. To learn more about Sol Potion, visit solpotion.com!

To ensure you get the best sunless tan possible, follow these pre and post-service tips!

Pre Tan

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate a minimum of 3 hours prior to your appointment

  • Do not apply any moisturizers, perfumes or deodorant after showering

  • Dress in or bring loose clothing and footwear to wear after your appointment

Post Tan

  • Do not use any other products on your skin while your tan is developing

  • Shower after the technicians recommended time and stay hydrated with Sol Potion Lotion

  • Do not exfoliate your skin during the life of your tan!

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