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Product Spotlight - Vitry Toni'cils Serum

Emphasize those EYES 👁✨

Vitry Toni'cils Serum accelerates the growth of eyelashes with a powerful mix of panthenol and matrix peptides to decelerate the loss of eyelashes while stimulating their growth. Lashes are noticeably longer, thicker + gain more volume within 15 days!

✔️ Thickness + 40%*

✔️Volume + 136%*

✔️Length + 43%*

Bonus: 1 : It's a mascara primer with immediate effects. Your lashes will look +32% thicker and +39% longer in no time.*

2 : It's a growth serum with longer-term effects. Within 30 days of treatment, your lashes will look +136% thicker and +43% longer.**

Grab yours at Beach House Day Spa in Birmingham, Michigan!

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