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June Product of the Month: Relax & Wax

Take 10% off all Relax & Wax goodies here for the month of June! Relax & Wax makes the BEST pre/post waxing products to make your waxing experience a breeze (trust us).

They’ve been in the business for almost 20 years and know everything there is to know about waxing. Yes, it can be painful, that's why they created a patented skin-numbing cream to reduce the pain of waxing!

Products we carry:

1. Get the Bump Outta Here: A safe, soothing and effective treatment for use after hair removal. Helps prevent ingrown hair, wax and razor rash, skin irritation and bumps associated with hair removal. Formulated for sensitive skin, it is highly effective, yet gentle on the skin. Packaged in a mess-free roll-on for your convenience.

2. No Scream Cream: Some people still think the benefits of waxing are not worth the pain. But now, with No-Scream Cream, a topical anesthetic, you can ease waxing discomfort by approximately 80%.

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