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July Product of the Month: Odacite Facial Serums

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hello, July! Take 10% off all Odacite facial serums this month. These serums are so potent, 2-3 drops are all it takes to see visible results. Mix and match these into your skincare regimen to perfect that complexion!

Serums we offer:

  • BL+J CELL ENERGY Blueberry + Jasmine Serum Concentrate

  • JO+L CLOGGED PORES Jojoba + Lavender Serum Concentrate

  • CAR VITAL GLOW Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate

  • BA+S EYE CONTOUR Baobab + Sarsaparilla Serum Concentrate with Rollerball

Image courtesy of odacite.com

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