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Get the Best Brows at Beach House Day Spa

All about the brow, baby! Define that gorgeous face with an array of services by the talented Tresha:

〰️ The Beach Brow 〰️

​Accentuate your natural brow. Simply shape, tweeze, or wax for a clean and natural look. A feather finish is included to complete the look.

〰️ The Bold Brow 〰️

​All the techniques to make your brows bold! Shaping, tinting, feathering and fill in. Guaranteed to make people say “WOW!” when they see your brows.

​〰️ The Brow Rehab 〰️

​Aimed to help repair, restore, grow or tame your brows. Let our brow expert guide you through achieving your dream brow.

​〰️ The Bro Brow 〰️

​Shape, trim, and tame! A natural clean up: waxing, tweezing, and/or feathering.

〰️ The Custom Brow Tint 〰️

​A client favorite! Our custom color brow tint makes all brows better by improving the consistency, thickness, color, and shape. Even if there is barely any hair there, it can help! The tint lasts 4-6 weeks and covers 100% of grays. $15 when added to a brow wax.

〰️ Brow Henna 〰️

Want the benefits of Microblading without the commitment or cost? Our custom henna fixes and fills all brow shapes. We create your perfect brow with our henna that stains the skin for two weeks and brow hairs for up to six weeks!

Book your brow service with Tresha by clicking here.

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