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Product of the Month: Farmhouse Fresh Body Oils

Enjoy 10% off all month long!

These deliciously nourishing body oils by Farmhouse Fresh leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth - sans the greasy feel that some body oils create. Pick up a bottle during your next appointment, or call us at (248) 220-4485 to order and we'll have it ready to go.

Blushing Agave Organic Body Oil

This glistening body oil contains a pristine assortment of high-linoleic acids, essential to help skin stay moisturized. The scent is light and delicious, and reminiscent of red berries and cream.

Citrus Cilantro Body Oil

If you love a refreshing and light, cut-grass scent, the Citrus Cilantro body oil is the perfect after-shower delight! Use in your bath water or apply directly to skin as a light but deeply hydrating body oil.

Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil

The scent is alluring and light, with subtle apple blossom & tea notes. Quick-absorbing, lightweight and the silky feel is oh-so heavenly.

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